Monday, March 31, 2014

Princess Party Craft: Frame Decorating

For this craft, frames can be similar to the princess foamie frame pictured here or basic frames from a craft or dollar store. You can set them up ahead of time by glueing or adding something in the corner that matches your theme. We suggest press on jewels and puff stickers. Small Stick on fairies for a Fairy Party or Crowns and Wands.


Friday, March 28, 2014

Princess Party Games: Scavenger Hunt

Everybody Wins! This game can be as simple or very thought out with lots of clues. If the children are young you can confine the hunt to one room with some silly music. Pick a small item that goes with your theme--butterflies with a fairy princess party. Hide 1 small butterfly before the party starts for each guest. When you are ready to play tell the children to look for a butterfly when the mustic starts--be sure to tell them to find just one. (make sure you have extras--just in case) For older children --you can put them in groups with clues and have them solve. each clue takes them to the next clue and so on. Be sure to have a prize at the end. First group to find the prize wins. We always said that--but gave the same prizes to all!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Princess Party Game: Pin the Jem on the Crown

Princess and Knight or Princess and Prince--. For this game all you need is a Big Paper Crown and some colorful Paper Jems. Have the children stand in line and hand each child a Jumbo Jem with double stick tape on the back. Use a simple blindfold and spin them around 2 times. Each child takes a turn pinning a jem on the crown. This game is so simple but it is loved by all. We found this on the BETTY CROCKER BLOG.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Princess Party Crafts: Foamie Tiara Craft Decorating

You will need: foamie tiaras and decorating supplies. We suggest press on jewels and puff stickers. You can also use glitter glue and put each girls name on her tiara before the party. then the girls decorate around the jewels. FYI we sell these on our Party Craft Page.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Our Princess Party Craft Page is Finally Here!

We are so happy to be able to share this new Princess Craft Page with you. We have included some of the very best party craft ideas that we have found. We will continue to add to this page all the time and hope you will check back often for new ideas. Please don't forget to tell your friends. If you see a Princess Craft please leave us a comment with a link. If we add it to our page we will send you a special gift.  Here is just a sample of what we found.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Princess Party Games: Pirate Hook Toss

Fun Fun Fun for any Pirate Party. Paint a box red with black stripes. glue the pirate hooks to the box. Super simple to create. You can buy the plastic hooks and plastic rings at most dollar stores or party stores. Have the pirates stand in line and give them 5 rings to toss. Make sure you have a yard stick or something else to stand behind to toss the rings. This is perfect game for any Princess Party or Pirate Party!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Happy Spring!!!

It has been a long winter and we are so thankful that Spring is officially here.  Nothing says Spring like a Outdoor Princess Party.  All of our parties are perfect for having outdoors.  Start planning your Spring and Summer parties now.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Pretty in Pink is a Lucky 7 Special

March  Lucky 7 Specials are still going on. Our Pretty in Pink Princess Party is on Sale. Save $35 Now plus the 7th Guest is Free. This is the Ultimate Pink Lovers Party! For details visit our page at:

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Easter Crafts

Easter is coming and we have found so many cute craft ideas on Pinterest.

Jelly Bean bracelets.  
These would also be cute for a Princess Party.

Cotton Ball Bunny

Peter Rabbit Plate

Q-tip Bunny

Monday, March 17, 2014

Choosing a Theme

Choosing what type of Princess party is important.  Is your Princess a Glamour Girl,  a Fairy Princess, a Tea Party type?  Is her favorite color Pink or Purple or maybe Rainbow?  There are so many choices when coming up with a Princess themed party.  Will there be boys at the party?  Then you may want to have a Princess and Knight party or a Princess and Pirate party.  When planning a party, it is important to think about what the birthday girl will want but also the guests who will be in attendance.  We have so many Party Packages to choose from.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Princess Party Games: Coins in the Crown

Princess and Knight or Princess and Prince-- Super simple game to create. All you need is a Gold Plastic Crown and Gold Coins to toss. Have the children stand in line and give them 5 coins to toss. Make sure you have a yard stick or something else to stand behind to toss the coins. This game is so simple but it is loved by all. (We include this game with our Princess and Knight Party Package)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Luck of the Irish Tea Party Giveaway

LUCK OF THE IRISH TEA PARTY GIVEAWAY! Enter to win this lovely tea party package for 4 little ladies. One to keep and one to giveaway to a family in need. Prize will be mailed directly to winner and also the family or group in need with a card saying it came from you.
To enter, you must like our Facebook page and leave us a comment telling us about the person that you would like to surprise with this special prize.
Receive an extra entry by sharing the giveaway on your Facebook Page. Click the Share button to share on your page. Then leave a comment telling us that you have shared on your Facebook page.
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Contest open to US Residents Only Please. Contest ends on Friday, March 14 at 11:59 pm. Winner will be announced on Saturday, March 15th! Good Luck!

Princess Party Crafts: Decorate a Princess Tiara

Our Princess Foam Tiara's comes complete with all you need to create a dazzling and unique tiara. So many assorted colors and jewels are included. This is a wonderful craft for each princess to decorate and then wear.


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Princess Party Games: Princess Says

Also known as " Simon Says."  If it was a great game for you--it still is a great game for your child. We have found that children still love this simple game. Most important thing---be sure to try and give everyone a turn.

Make sure there is an adult standing next to the Lead Princess or Prince. All the other children stand facing her.

"princess says stand on one foot" "princess says twirl around" "touch your toes" Simple---anyone who touched their toes is out. Now depending on the ages of the children, you might not want to make any children out. You might just want to laugh and say "Princess did not say"! Then choose someone else to lead. ( Our princess dresses start at only $7.99 each)

Friday, March 7, 2014

Princess Party Games: Twirling Tutus

Also known as " Princess Freeze Dance". You can play this game without Tutus, but it really looks cute when the girls' tutus are all twirling around. All you need is a boom box and a little dancing room. Tell the girls when the music starts to dance around and when it stops everybody must freeze. When the music starts everybody must dance around again. You can add some silly moves like: "When the music stops--everybody must freeze with their hands on their head" or everybody must freeze on one foot....Lots of giggles for sure. (don't forget that we sell tutus for around $5 each)

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Princess Party Games: Slipper Relays

For this game, you will need a red carpet. Divide the girls into 2 teams. Place a collection of princess shoes and high heel shoes in a big pile at one end. All the girls start at that end also. One girl from each team must dig through the shoe pile to find 2 matching shoes. she must then put them on and walk like a model down the red carpet to the other side. Once she reaches the other side the next girl from her team does the same. The first team to get all girls down the red carpet wins!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Princess Party Craft: Crown Paintable

A great fun craft idea that your little princesses and princes can take home and hang up in their rooms. We have seen inexpensive wood crowns at craft stores like Micheals and AC Moore. If you do not live near one of these stores, you can easily make

them yourself. We think thick plush 2 ply presentation board works great too. The cutting is a little tricky so do not make your pattern too small. This comes in white so you can add the child's name and ribbon to back for hanging ahead of time. Children can decorate with jewels, glitter, ribbbon, stickers etc.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Princess Party Games: Spinning Wheel Toss

This game can be a lot of fun but it will not work for young children. You will need 2 large hula hoops. Each child gets 2 chances to throw the Hula Hoop around the target. If there is a Dad at the party who is a good sport--he can sit in a chair and the children can take turns trying to toss the Hula Hoop around him. Make sure that the person holds their hands over their face so they do not get hit in the face. The children will really laugh if he makes jokes and teases them to try and catch him. Or you can decorate a big popcorn tin and use that as the target.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

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