Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fabulous Frozen Party Tutu Craft

Our newest craft is a Fabulous Frozen Party Two For One Winner! It's a craft which all the girls will love and it's a wonderful Tutu Party Favor. This craft has everything going for it. Design it--Wear it---Keep it.
We provide Full and Fluffy Silver Tutus. 12" length with satin covered elastic waistband that fits most girls Ages 3-8. Each girl also will receive a Fist Full of Foamie Snowflakes that press right on in the best Frozen colors: Aqua, Blue, Lilac and White. We do not include glitter but we highly recommend it. We glittered our snowflakes and love how they look on the Tutus.  You can find this new craft on our Web site Craft Page.
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Frozen Silver Snowflake Craft is only $6.99
Affordable Fun For All

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