Friday, January 23, 2015

There is something So Soothing about Purple

What is it about the color Purple that puts so many of us at ease. I have heard people say so many times that Purple is the the most relaxing color. We love the color Purple at My Princess Party to Go. We were inspired by Disney's Sofia the First to create "The Little Purple Princess Party to Go Box". This party box is packed with Purple!!!! Final Days of our incredible sale. Party for 10 Little Ladies is only $100.  Only $10 each and they all get: 10 Floral Trim Tutus, 10 Chunky Jewelry Sets, 10 Beaded Wands, 10 Princess Bag Crafts, 10 Tiara and Plush Pen Favors, 10 Mini Glass Slippers and more. Click Here to see this amazing offer:  The Little Purple Princess Party 
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