Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Princess Party Craft: Make a Fairy Halo

The Make a Fairy Halo Craft is a simple fun craft for all ages 3-10. It does require some prep work on your party. You will need some stretchy cord. Measure around your child's head and leave enough extra to tie off at the end. Once you cut the cord to the right length you must make a big knot at one end. It works best if you use something to tie the knot around. ( Bead or macaroni) Next decide what the guests will use to string on their halos. We made bowls of chunky plastic beads, macaroni sprinkled with glitter, silk flower petals, foamie shapes with a hole punch in middle. Hand each child a cord and tell them to slip items down to the knot at the bottom until the cord is 3/4 full. Let them create their beautiful halos and have an adult tie the ends together. You can add ribbon trims at the back for them.

*hint. Always a good idea to make a few before hand in case one breaks or a child is late to the party.

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