Friday, February 21, 2014

Princess Party Games: Kiss the Frog and turn him into a Prince

You will remember this as Pin the Tail on the Donkey. You can find graphics like this on the web and make your own pin up game board. We found that if you take it to Staples and get it laminated, it will hold up so much better. You will also need to make small cut out lips.( get laminated too) Then all you need is two-sided tape or blue tac on the back of the lips.

Form a line a few steps away from poster. You can have the children close their eyes or buy an inexpensive Pinata blindfold. All the children will cheat...if you simply ask them to close their eyes. They can't help it. Spin them around carefully 1-3 times and send them on their way. Make sure they hold their arm with lips facing out in front. Lips On the Frogs Mouth are the Goal. *Note if there will be boys you can do small spiders to keep the spell alive! The boys put the spider anywhere on the Frog to keep him a frog!

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